Pangea’s experience with Web3.0 dates back to 2012, CEO William Duplessie learned about Bitcoin whilst at university, participating as an early miner in several protocols. By 2016 Pangea’s founders were actively involved with the rapidly emerging technology ecosystem in Los Angeles (now known to many as “Silicon Beach”) and elsewhere globally. In 2017, the team launched Pangea in Los Angeles, providing crypto advisory services to numerous leading startups and industry VCs focused on Web3.0 in California and around the world.

William worked both at Science Blockchain to assist in the launch of the world’s second security token, and at the Los Angeles VC firm, DNA Advisors. During this time, Stephen Duplessie launched marketing firm Theorem Labs, which would handle growth marketing and user acquisition strategy for over 100+ companies focused on Web3.0, including now industry leaders such as Axie Infinity, bitcoin.com, EOS, WAX (CryptoKitties), and others. Through extensive work together in the space, William and Stephen have gained a reputation for being tough dealmakers who provide uniquely impactful value to projects through investment and or advisory relationships. In 2018, William and Stephen were joined by James Duplessie and Herbert Seif who share a long history of success on Wall Street managing multiple hedge funds together. The team was also joined by entrepreneur Chris Barrett, who founded the PR agency PRserve which represented over 1000 startups.

Together, Pangea’s founding team decided to launch a new hedge fund which would be called Pangea Blockchain Fund. In mid 2018, Pangea opened an office in Switzerland to raise the first capital and get the business started. The team raised $17mm from seed investors and an additional $2mm from legendary Bitcoin investor Roger Ver. Pangea was launched in 2019 and its 1st Fund, an equity only fund, Pangea Blockchain International (“PBI”) - commenced trading in February 2019. Since inception, PBI has delivered annualized returns of approximately 73% net (after fees). During 2021, PBI returned approximately 232% net (after fees).

The Pangea Team shares a combined 150+ years of industry specific experience and knowledge. Pangea leadership has collaborated for decades and proven their abilities to generate positive returns in both rising and falling markets.