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Pangea's investment team has aggregate investment experience of over 150 years. In addition to the Team's long-dated fund management experience, Sourcing and Risk Management are also core strengths of the team. Pangea's strategy is to source exclusive transactions using its network and ecosystem to identify the "killer apps" of Web 3.0.

William Duplessie
CEO Co-Founder
Stephen Duplessie
COO Co-Founder
Herbert Seif
Christopher Detweiler
Senior Advisor
James Duplessie
CFO Co-Founder
Christopher Barrett
Venture Partner
Mason Angel
Venture Partner
Scott Qu
Venture Partner
Robin Buchholz
Senior Associate
Jeffrey Engel
Partner - Business Development

Our Portfolio and Strategy

Pangea Metaverse Fund

Pangea Metaverse Fund has commenced a strategy to capture alpha as described below, the Fund’s investment objective is: (i) Underlying Protocols; (ii) On-Chain Platforms; (iii) Individual Applications; (iv) Scaling Solutions; (v) Value Chain Investments; (vi) Special Opportunities. Pangea will use it’s ecosystem, team, and deep relationship network to create alpha in these key categories.

Pangea Blockchain Fund

Pangea Blockchain Fund invests in companies using blockchain technology and not make directional investments in cryptocurrencies. The Fund’s investment objective is investing in: (i) Industrial and Consumer applications for blockchain technology; (ii) Value Chain Investments; (iii) Projects sourced through the Swiss Blockchain Ecosystem; and (iiii) Tactical investments in overlooked or misunderstood companies.

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